Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A page out of the ol' sketchbook...


Eric Merced said...

I love getting to look in other Artist's sketch books. It tells allot about the Artist's creative process and sometimes shows a side of Him/Her we rarely see. I love the strong ability you have to draw in a cartoonish and realistic style. Beautiful!

David Reddick said...

Eric -
Yeah, I'm the same way - I LOVE seeing other artist's sketchbooks too... sometimes seeing the thinking process and the raw energy of what's in someone's sketchbook is cooler than seeing the finished polished art. Thanks for the good words!

Lucas Turnbloom said...

Loving it, Dave.

Speaking of sketch books, there are some very old (about 300 to 400 years) French sketchbooks on display at one of the museums here in Southern California. I looked at that thing (behind glass, of course) for nearly an hour a few weeks back. Pretty cool.

Kevin Spear said...


Love seeing what's up in your sketchbooks. It's neat to see your variety of styles and the strength in all of them.

Kevin Spear

David Reddick said...

Lucas -
COOL! I would LOVE to see that, seeing as how I'm a sketchbook freak myself.

Hey, guy! Thank so much for stopping in, and thanks for the kind words. This from a man who knows how to fill his OWN sketchbooks as much as I do! Check him out guys:

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