Monday, March 17, 2008

TOS Animated work...

Back a few years ago, while I was working heavily on "The Trek Life" for CBS/STARTREK.COM, I pitched an image to them about the TOS Animated Series, and a fun comic tie-in idea I had involving the TNG crew in the same style. While due to licensing issues it didn't fly, I thought I'd show this, as it's not been seen in ages.

As a result of this image, however, I was, in 2007, asked to create an official piece of TOS Animated Series artwork. As it turns out, as many of my fellow Trekkers know, Walter Koenig's character Chekov was not part of the animated series... as a result, there has never been up to this point an existing "officially sanctioned" TOS: Animated Series drawing of Chekov as he "would have" been seen. CBS commissioned me to create the only one known within Trek Animated canon for the official archives, which I will share here, and can also be seen in the archives now of I basically obviously mimicked the exact style and feel, even color scheme of the TOS Animated Series (which I have always been a huge fan of since childhood), down to the production value and 2D limited-animation style seen in the series.
It's a little piece of something special to this Trekkie from waaaaay back. Enjoy!

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Maurie said...

Oh man, that's AWESOME!!! They look exactly like the show!!! I love the animated series too, and these are great! :)

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