Friday, February 29, 2008

Coming Thursday, March 6th to!!!

My second comic strip for starts next week!! Let's get this party started!!!!


Eric Merced said...

HA HA! This looks great. Cannot wait to see it.

Lucas Turnbloom said...

Dang Dude! Lot's of good stuff you're producing! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Hey, David! I don't know how you come up with all this great stuff! It looks awesome, can't wait. I'm back from all my misadventures, so hopefully I'll be catching up on web stuff.


David Reddick said...

Eric: Thanks! And checked out your blog - love your work and drawings!

Lucas: Thanks much! I'm having more fun than a human should be allowed... ;-)

Indy: Hiya! Great to hear from you - hmm ... caffeine seems to play a major role in the creation of cartoons! ;-) (And lack of sleep, as well as a pinch of insanity)

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