Monday, February 18, 2008

Full page "The Trek Life" comics in new Star Trek Magazine

Be sure to check out the brand-spanking new February issue (#10) of Star Trek Magazine, as in addition to the regular new "The Trek Life" comic strip (always a new strip for each issue) on page 1, this issue there's also a whoppin' FULL PAGE of The Trek Life comics on page 13, the complete run of my TL Christmas special "Twas the Night" comics, from the last week of The Trek Life's run on STARTREK.COM before the site went on hiatus! Now, for the good of all humanity, go to your bookstore and buy 'em up!


Gin said...

Hey David,

Saw you linked on PvP the other day! Good to see that you've got a blog so I can check in on your illustrations.

I found out a lil' while ago that Avery Brooks spoke at the Central Library for their Black History Month event! I would have loved to go. Did you make it?

David Reddick said...

Hi Gin!
Yeah, kudos to my buddy Scott Kurtz on his Garfield art. Didn't see Avery locally there, but will be seeing him again soon at some more cons. Kepe checkin' in!

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