Monday, February 11, 2008

Klingon Love Month!

I have a new Klingon drawing (bat'leth graphic and text by Paul Keller) up at, as February is their"Klingon Love Month" and they're celebrating with their first "Klin Gik'tal Kyamo" (Klingon Combat of Attraction). They're asking all earth-based Klingons to submit their photos. This contest is open to both males and females. The winning contestant will win: A Limited Edition Signature Series Mek'leth personally autographed by Michael Dorn. The page can be seen here - enter and win!:


Lar said...

I guess I'm relieved it's not a Klingon Poetry contest! :)

David Reddick said...

Yeah... those Klingon Poetry contests can get pretty, um ... passionate.

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