Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Gene's Journal" launches today at Roddenberry.com!

Well, the day has finally come! "Gene's Journal," my new webcomic at Roddenberry.com begins today. I'm very excited, and have already had a lot of response to it. "Gene's Journal" follows young Eugene Roddenberry, just a regular kid trying to make his way through school, friends, life... only now, he's suddenly being abducted by aliens. A lot. And he keeps a journal about it all, so he remembers it all when he's older. Hmm ... coulda been some influence there, ya' think?Pop on over and check it out! Look for a new strip every few weeks to start things off. And some more content too!

Your Trekkin' pal,


1 comment:

SpaceTigger said...

Looking forward to the next strip David..The first one was fantastic I thought..The prefect way to start 'Gene's Journal'..

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