Wednesday, January 9, 2008

David's Reddickulous Blog open for business!

Well, it's about high-time I started this blog. I've been wanting to do this for some time, and I'm glad I finally did. You can expect fun things here... rare sketches, artwork I'm working on (and lots of stuff just for fun), news about upcoming work or conventions, and lots more. But mostly - FUN!
So, don't be a stranger -drop me a line anytime!
Your bloggin' pal,


Jane said...

Wow! Glad to see you launched off "Gene's Journal" at and that you are going to be taking us thru YOUR journey on this blog site! Love your website too! Can't wait to see TrekLife again! Hope it comes back soon! Best of Luck in your Travels thru space & time! Two of your best fans, JEC/JEC

Thrud the Barbarian said...

Dave, I can't get enough of your work, man. I have Reddick's Rhetoric on my desk and I've read it a couple times.

Chris P.

hayscarver said...


Would you please stop the voices in my head. They keep telling me to read your book & to go to your various & sundry websites which I keep telling "IT" that I have already... several times. So I appeal to your humanity or alienanity to please, please HELP ME! The nice doctor just keeps giving me pretty pretty pills but that doesn't stop THE VOICES. "IT" says David Reddick is a comic genius and I... MUST... AGREE... or perish.

Somewhere in the WOLF 359 System,

Robert (& Diane)

free said...

Nice site David, i feel good here ;)

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