Saturday, January 26, 2008

"The Trek Life" in IDW Publishing's Star Trek Comic Books

Here's one of the full comic book pages of "The Trek Life" strip that ran as a backup in one of IDW Publishing's excellent Star Trek comic books (an issue that focused on Wesley Crusher) - never before seen outside of the back page of that book! So, it makes its digital debut here. Here's a rare, behind-the-scenes shot of the rough sketch phase of the comic, the actual comic, and a picture of me and the very cool Wil Wheaton at the big Trek convention in Vegas in 2007. You'll note how I changed the punchline in the final piece. If you haven't already (and you probably have), be sure to check out Wil's awesome blog here:


Red Lima 6 said...

I like the stick figures. Ever thought about doing a strip with just stick figures? So simple, but hilarious.

Maurie said...

That's awesome! I really hope The Trek Life finds a way to continue (or that I find a way to keep reading it), cause I just discovered it and a month or so before it died. Sigh... Anyway, love your stuff! And I'll def. keep checking your blog out. ^-_-^ V

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