Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Legend of Bill - the comic strip!

Here's my fantasy comic strip, "Legend of Bill," that I've been toying with for my own amusement, and this is the first strip I created, as a practice piece, to see how the main characters look in their setting, and how they interact. What I love about creating a new comic, is sometimes just going for it and starting the writing process, and watching characters begin to interact and "talk," and react to one another. In "Legend of Bill," you have Bill the Barbarian, his lil' blue dragon sidekick/companion Frank, and the beautiful princess Gina, who's no slacker herself when it comes to being tough as nails. Not sure what I'll do with this just yet, but it sure is fun to play with, (I've written several more) and I had a blast making this first comic, so thought I'd share it here. If you wanna see more Bill, drop me a note and let me know!


bbushell said...

David: I DO want to see more of LEGEND OF BILL. I thought for a second you must mean Bill CLINTON....

Lucas, Clovis' Real Owner said...

Great new strip!

Consider me,
waiting for more LEGEND of BILL!

P.S. Princess Gina's hot; Love the Pink hair. She has a Princess Leia/Jennifer Garner-pink-hair-season-1 Alias thing going on.

SpaceTigger said...

Hey David! I like the Legend of Bill..I'm hoping that you continue with this strip..Interesting looking characters..Wonder what happens after Bill picks himself up?

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